Why Choose Coaching?

Let’s walk through memory lane. Going through junior high was awkward, high school was full of peer pressure and college was straight out stressful. And after graduation, you’re expected to go through adulthood as if you graduated Adulting University with straight A’s.

Here’s where a life coach comes in. I help focus on the future, rather than looking back to the past as counselors and therapists do. I specialize in supporting the journey of girls to find their confidence and self-worth by providing tools and life skills. My favorite part of the process is learning about them and witnessing their personal growth as they acknowledge that they are the experts on their own lives. Together we work together to make attainable actions steps to reach their goals on focusing on their future.

These days it’s so easy for social media to negatively influence girls, but I have the privilege to empower them to choose who they truly want to be. That’s why it is so valuable for girls of all ages to understand who they are and to learn to make their own healthy choices. When you give them space to make decisions about their future, they really do care about the details and want to grow into a confident woman. So I’m here to hold that space for them to dream about who they want to be and to guide them along the way.

If you’re looking for a safe place for your girl(s) to grow, gain confidence and know their worth, let’s chat!